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Expiring Password

 Is your password expiring any time soon?  Through the tip of the week about Phishing, you should now be informed about what it is and how it works. We have provided you with an example of a phishing email sent out to our University. If you’ve missed the tip, you can view it at Click on ‘Tip of the week’ and look for it in the archive.

Since we have shown you what NOT to respond to, we thought it important that you see the format of the email message we DO send out when your email password is about to expire.

Subject: [WARNING] email password will expire in 10/5/1 day

The password for your email or web account USERID will expire in (10 or 5 or 1) days. Please change your password before then or your password will expire.  You may change your password by going to and following the instructions on the screen or by calling the ITS helpdesk at 678.839.6587.

Please pay attention to the emails you receive asking for personal information. They are likely to be an attempt by outsiders to acquire sensitive information. By responding to a fraudulent email, your account and information may be compromised and therefore our UWG network and data would be vulnerable as well. If you receive such an email and you are not certain whether to respond, please make your first action a call to the IT Service Desk at 678-839-6587 or email  We will be happy to assist you in determining the legitimacy of the email.

By being responsible and making that phone call, we at Information Technology Services can take immediate action by alerting everybody at UWG in an effort to prevent others from sending a reply.