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 Most of you are familiar with the social networking site Facebook. Within Facebook the option to “tag” someone in a photograph or video is provided. Tagging is a helpful way to share information with individuals who are also in the picture or video.  You may hear people talking about un-tagging a photo. In Facebook this is referred to as “Remove Tag”. However, you need to be aware that when a tag has been removed, the data is not entirely removed from the main system. Facebook’s "Privacy Policy" implies that tagging is not entirely secure. Once a photo has been tagged, data is collected to associate the photo with the tagged individual.  This data is then stored. Even if you remove a tag from a photo the information associated with the photo is still stored in Facebook’s system.    

Facebook’s Privacy Policy informs users that Facebook will not be held accountable for anything posted on their site. You should always consider your privacy settings before sharing information on a social networking site. If you have your Facebook Privacy Settings set to “Everyone” or “Friends of Friends”, your information could be accessed by individuals on the Internet you don’t know, including third party search engines. Setting your Facebook Privacy Settings to “Friends Only” can help to reduce leaking of personal information.    

For more information about Facebook Privacy Settings go to Controlling How You Share.