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 People who create and send computer viruses work hard with the sole purpose to infect as many machines as possible. As an antidote for these invaders, the industry offers an array of Anti-virus software with varying features and price tags.    Once an anti-virus software package is installed on a computer, it scans the machine and files stored on it for patterns based on signatures of known viruses. The response to the discovery of a virus may depend on the type of anti-virus used. Generally the software will either remove the virus automatically, or a box will appear asking if you want to clean the file. Because the makers of viruses always come up with new ones, it’s very important to install updates to the anti-virus software whenever they are offered. The updates simply consist of the latest virus definitions/signatures. At home, this usually happens through a pop-up box announcement at the bottom right of your screen. In a work environment, like UWG, the update installations happen automatically.  Some tips:

At UWG, the primary virus and spyware protection is Kaspersky Antivirus as a part of our new LANDesk Desktop Management suite for the University. For more information on anti-virus and spyware software, please visit for more information