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Cyber Bullying

 Cruelty, threats, harassment, stalking and spreading rumors have found a new way of being administered. Bullies have a new playground: the Internet! Because of the relative anonymity, lack of personal contact and the speed with which they can operate, bullies find the Internet and all its possibilities such as texting to cell phones, instant messaging, web pages, chat, email etc. a very convenient way to deliver threats.    Though cyber bullying can affect any age group, the most common victims are pre-teens, teenagers and young adults. Not only is it a growing problem in schools and among ‘friends’ but victims can be chosen more randomly because of the sheer amount of personal information that is available online. Sadly there are more and more stories in the news of people having committed suicide after vicious attacks through cyber space. The following website has interesting information.    Protect yourself by following these tips:

For students, faculty and staff aliketo report any issues with cyber bullying, stalking or harassment at our University, please contact the IT Service Desk at 678-839-6587 immediately and ask to be connected with the Information Security Officer. You can also send an email to