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IRP Annual Report 2005-2006

Fiscal Year 2006 (July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006)

Department of Institutional Research and Planning

Name of Department Head Dr. Andrew Luna

Name of Person Completing Report Tara Pearson

Departmental Mission/Vision Statement (url only, required)

Departmental Statement of Goals, Process to Assess These Goals, and Assessment Results (url only, required)

Give an Example of how your Department Used the Assessment of Goals and Outcomes to Change/Improve a Process (required)

As part of the IRP mission to ensure the accuracy of vital University statistics the following example is just one way in which IRP strives to check university data and work with other departments to maintain data integrity.

While reviewing the Leave Report Records, the IRP secretary alerted that the Annual and Sick leave records/calculation were incorrect. The reports that are received from Human Resources were pulled since UWG converted to PeopleSoft and each staff member’s reports were reviewed for inaccuracies. All corrections were then sent to Human Resources for further review.

General Statement of Department Condition (required)

The condition of the Department of Institutional Research and Planning is good. A new IR Analyst was hired in February 2006. All staff members participated in training for completing external surveys such as US News and World Report, Barron’s, and BusinessWeek. With the new analyst, IRP has been able to increase awareness of the state laws regarding records retention and public record dissemination by requesting all departments complete a records inventory. Another IR Analyst has been able to focus more on training, promoting, and assisting divisions and their departments to comply with the BOR Records Retention Manual by being able to meet departments individually and answer their questions.

The IRP staff has tried to maintain a positive outlook for the future and has demonstrated this by continuously providing information in a timely/accurate manner, through excellent customer service and professionalism, all the while increasing the level of work. With an increase to detail that is required for completing external surveys/data requests, complying with the Board of Regents Records Retention Schedules, and the states open records laws, the new analyst position is a boost to office moral.

IRP will continue to increase visibility throughout the UWG community by educating staff and faculty on reports and data provided by IRP. IRP will continue exploring new ways of increasing the use of technology for a greater ease in data dissemination, and will focus on various procedures in order to comply with the state record and open record laws.

Departmental Achievements

For fiscal year 2006, the following chart shows the percentage of data requests, projects, Open Records requests, subpoenas, and external surveys completed by the IRP office.

During the past year, the Department of Institutional Research and Planning has completed or participated in the following:

Staff Productivity

The Institutional Research and Planning staff attends conferences, training, and workshops throughout the year in an effort to improve, understand and meet the needs of our customers.

The following is a list of all the events attended:

Meeting of Benchmarking Institutions, St. Simmons, GA (July 17-21, 2005)
USG IRP Fall Meeting Macon, GA (August 25-26, 2005)
NSSE Workshop, Macon, GA (September 7-9-, 2005)
Pearson NCS Training Center, Eagan, Minnesota (October 4-6, 2005)
Southern Association of Institutional Researchers (SAIR) Conference, Charleston, SC (October 22-25, 2005)
Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) Conference, Philadelphia, PA (November 17-19, 2005)
Georgia Records Association Fall Conference, Pine Mtn., GA (November 29-December 3, 2005)
GAIRPAQ Spring Meeting, Dalton, GA (April 26, 2006)
USG IRP Spring Meeting, Dalton, GA (April 27-28, 2006)
Georgia Records Association Spring Conference, St. Simons Island, GA (June 26-30, 2006)
Association of Institutional Research (AIR) Conference, Chicago, IL (May 13-18, 2006)

USG Staff Council Meeting, Athens, GA (October 13-14, 2005)
USG Staff Council Meeting, Macon, GA (January 19, 2006)
USG Staff Council Meeting, Macon, GA (June 23, 2006)

USG IRP Fall Conference, Albany, GA (November 9-11, 2005)

Georgia Records Association Fall Conference, Pine Mtn., GA (November 29-December 3, 2005)
Georgia Records Association Spring Conference, St. Simons Island, GA (June 26-30, 2006)

Dream Weaver Training, UWG Continuing Education, Carrollton, GA

Student Achievements
Other Awards, Distinctions, and Achievements