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Short Programs


Below is a list of short-term (two – ten week) programs, arranged by discipline, offered through UWG. Students may also participate in semester exchanges (see the Semester and Longer Programs section for details on these opportunities). Short-term programs are the best option for students who have not traveled abroad before, since the experience will be good preparation for participating in an extended program later in your academic career.

 Check the updated deadlines below, too!

Arts and Humanities: Upper and lower division courses

Art: France and England:  (courses taught in English): deadline Feb.11

Italy: Literature and Creative Writing (courses taught in English)

Scotland: Theatre

Foreign Language:

These programs are designed for students needing to complete the language requirement or wanting to build skills beyond the requirement. Courses also fulfill core requirements.

Costa Rica: Spanish Language Immersion   

France (Tours): French Language Immersion: deadline Feb. 20

Germany (Oldenburg): German Language Immersion


(France) Business School: (courses taught in English)

Faculty led programs (to Panama, to China, to London and Paris)




Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum:

Canada: Humanities and Social Sciences: Deadline Feb. 20 – some upper level options available in addition to core classes

Social Sciences:

European Union Summer Program (courses taught in English)





Summer Program in Hungary


 USG Programs: European Council Study Abroad

The University System of Georgia’s European Council offers six different programs, each with a range of upper and lower division courses. Students take two courses, and programs range from five-six weeks long. Sites for 2013 are Ireland, England, Spain, Germany, France and Russia. Courses are taught in English, although several programs also offer language classes as part of the curriculum.Currently, spaces are still available in the programs in Spain, Russia, Germany and Edinburgh.

Applications are due March 1.

COUPA Programs:

UWG is a member of the COUPA Consortium, which offers a literature and history program to Ireland and a biology and cultural studies program to Ecuador. For more information, check the COUPA website.