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Semester and Longer Programs

The University of West Georgia has exchange agreements with the following partner institutions. In most cases, students pay tuition and fees on campus while studying at a partner institution; costs for room and board depend on the particular exchange, and scholarship funding is available to help students interested in this opportunity. Make an appointment with our office for more information about identifying a program that offers coursework in your major.

Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg (Germany): German language study and study in German in multiple fields; studies in English in British and American literature and history

France Business School: business programs in English and business French

Kagoshima University (Japan): Japanese language study

National Quemoy University (Taiwan): Chinese language and Global Studies

Northumbria University (UK): All fields

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Finland): art, with classes taught in English

Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (Chile): Spanish language and other fields in Spanish

Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21 (Argentina): business programs with business Spanish

Université François-Rabelais (France): French language, all fields in French, English-language courses in law, British and American literature, international politics

University of Hertforshire (UK): all fields

University of New England (Australia): all fields (particular strengths in sociology, criminology and anthropology)

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK): all fields

UWG is an ISEP member institution, and so students may also complete coursework in their particular field of study at a wide range of other member institutions. Click on the ISEP link in the left-hand column for more information.