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Financing Study Abroad

 Financing Study Abroad:

 UWG offers scholarships as a way of helping to make foreign study more accessible for students interested in the opportunity. To apply, fill out the form below and attach a short essay explaining why you want to study abroad. If you're applying for an ON CAMPUS program, return the materials directly to the director of your specific program. If you're applying for an OFF CAMPUS program, return your materials to the International Services and Programs office in Row Hall. Check with the director of your specific program for the correct deadline for your program, since individual programs may need to set due dates earlier than what is on the form.

Study Abroad Scholarship Application

Other Financial Aid:

Students may use other financial aid – HOPE scholarships, Pell grants, student loans – to support their study abroad. Start planning early, since it is not always possible to apply in the spring term for summer aid. Once you think you'd like to apply for a study abroad program, contact Pat Munn in the Financial Aid Office, who specifically handles aid for study abroad programs. She can help you figure out how to factor your program costs into your financial aid application for the year.