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New to Study Abroad?

Participating as faculty in a study abroad program can allow you to design unique courses, work with highly motivated students and expand you professional portfolio. Faculty interested in designing a study abroad program are encouraged to start out in an already established program, either one run by UWG or by the University System. This will give you the opportunity to work with students in a foreign setting, design excursions specific to your course plan and understand the different processes involved in putting together an intellectually and culturally rewarding study abroad experience. Faculty interested in applying to participate in the USG European Council Programs should visit the program site here. The USG also sponsors an Asia program: for more information, click here.

 Program Directors:

 Getting Started: Due Diligence Procedures for New Programs

 Program Proposal Form (filed yearly for new and existing programs)


Preparing to Travel:  

UWG Student Group Travel Policy


University Liability Release

Collecting Student Payments:

Cash Handling Procedures               

Controller’s Office Cash Handling Training (required yearly)

Paying for Expenses on Site: Cash Advance Policy              

Cash Advance Request: Remember to convert foreign currency amounts to USD.


If you need to arrange a wire transfer to pay for expenses prior to departure, contact the Office of the Controller. Allow at least three weeks lead time for wire transfers.

Post-program accounting: Cash advance reconciliation is done through PeopleSoft (you'll need your agency account information; select "Study Abroad" as the business purpose for the report).

Student Orientation: All programs should conduct an orientation for students that includes information on program policies, required documentation for students, academic advising and cultural adjustment. For sample materials, contact Dr. Maria Doyle (

Emergencies Abroad: Contact Public Safety (678-839-6000), which has 24/7 monitoring of phones, and International Services and Programs.