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Study Abroad Information

Study abroad is open to all students attending the University of West Georgia. The cost of study abroad is less and the range of programs is greater than most students anticipate. Our offices are located in Row Hall, west wing, 2nd floor.

Students who do study abroad through the UWG Internationals Services & Programs office are considered on campus, and remain qualified for all scholarships, grants and financial aid that would receive if they were studying in Carrollton. In addition, there are study abroad scholarships available for UWG students.

There are programs focused on core courses for freshman and sophomores, as well as semester and summer programs that are focused on major & supporting topics for juniors and seniors. There are short term programs (abroad for only 10 days) to full year programs. There are language immersion programs as well programs in English for the range of majors. All of the study abroad coursework done through the UWG Internationals Services & Programs office will count in your curriculum so study abroad will be part of completing your degree requirements in 4 years.

Come by the UWG Internationals Services & Programs Office in Row Hall to find about what study abroad programs will fit your curriculum, budget and experiences. Our job is to find opportunities that fit your needs.