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ITS Holiday Party 2009

ITS Tailgating Event at UWG Stadium

On Saturday October 24th 2009 we had our first ITS Tailgating event for the Homecoming football game. Let it be safe to say that it was a very cold morning but with true heart and soul we gathered around the hearth (i.e. grill) and put the spirit in tailgating. Quite literally it seems because we were approached by a nice man who asked us who we were and if we were using Food Lion products. We were and we had Kathy’s ‘green’ Food Lion grocery bag for proof, not to mention the fact that Brenda’s potato salad was made with Food Lion fat free plain yogurt! To our surprise we promptly won a $200 gift certificate from Food Lion! The catch was that one of us had to go on the radio to explain what we were doing here and why as well as … you get it … to plug the grocery store. Fortunately we had the perfect ITS person to do this: Rob! In short, the food was great as was the conversation and the company. We had a blast! And as if that wasn’t enough, the UWG Wolves went on to win their game!