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connectWest Device Setup Instructions for HTC Rezound Sense 3.6 (Ice Cream Sandwich OS)

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1. In order to successfully complete these instructions, your device must be on campus and able to connect to the connectWest wireless network.

2. Prior to installing the connectWest wireless profile to your device, please go to the “Security” menu located under “Settings” and make sure that “Unknown sources” is selected. This will allow the profile to be installed on your device.

3. Return to settings and click on “Wi-Fi”. Note: Please make sure that “Wi-Fi” is switched to the “On” position. Then, select the “connectWest” wireless network.

4. After selecting “connectWest”, a window will appear asking if you want to continue connecting to the network. Click “Yes”. Afterward, another window will appear asking if you want to open a web page to begin the sign-in process. Click “OK”.


5. After making this selection, a “Log In” screen will appear prompting you to select your affiliation (Student/Faculty/Staff or Guest).  Select Student/Faculty/Staff.  Note: If this page does not immediately appear, open the web browser and attempt to visit a non-UWG webpage. This should result in the "Log in" page being displayed.

connectWest Welcome Screen

 6. You will be prompted to further select your affiliation: Student or Faculty/Staff.  Select the appropriate affiliation.

Student/Faculty/Staff Affiliation

7. Based on your affiliation, you will be given instructions regarding your username and password.  READ THIS CAREFULLY to determine your username and password.  You will need this information for later steps.  Click on the "Continue" button to continue.

Faculty/Staff Login Credentials  Student Login Credentials

8. Accept the Terms and Agreement for the End-user License Agreement and click “Start”.


9. After clicking “Start”, will be taken to a new screen that will allow you to select the source from which the XpressConnect application will be downloaded. Select “Direct Download” from the drop-down menu and click install. 


As a security measure, a new screen will appear asking if you want to install this application. Click “Install”.


After XpressConnect has been installed, click “Done”. 


You will then be taken to a screen asking if you want to download the file to storage or play online. Click “Play online”.


10. In the space provide, please enter your assigned user name and click “Continue” when finished. Note: Your username and password information was given to you in step 6 above.  Please refer to the instructions you received on that page for your username and password.


A new window will appear informing you that you may have to enable a lock screen code on the next screen. Click “OK”.

11. After clicking “OK”, you will be taken to a screen indicating your device has been successfully added to the network. Click “Done”.


If the installation was performed correctly, it will indicate that you are now connected to “connectWestSEC” under “Wi-Fi”.