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connectWest Device Setup Instructions for MacBook

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1. In order to successfully complete these instructions, your MacBook must be on campus and able to connect to the connectWest wireless network. 

2. On your desktop, please click on the wireless icon   and select “connectWest” from the list of available networks.  

3. After joining this network, open your web browser. A welcome screen will appear prompting you to select your affiliation (Student/Faculty/Staff or Guest)  Select Student/Faculty/Staff.

connectWest Welcome Screen 

4. You will be prompted to further select your affiliation: Student or Faculty/Staff.  Select the appropriate affiliation.

Student/Faculty/Staff Affiliation

5. Based on your affiliation, you will be given instructions regarding your username and password.  READ THIS CAREFULLY to determine your username and password.  You will need this information for later steps.  Click on the "Continue" button to continue.

Faculty/Staff Login Credentials Student Login Credentials

6. Accept the Terms and Agreement for the End-user License Agreement and click “Start”.


 Note: After clicking “Start” you may be directed to the screen below. It will prompt you to manually load Xpress Connect to your machine. Depending on the browser you are using, click on the neighboring hyperlink and follow the download instructions. 


Prior to downloading XpressConnect, a window will appear providing you with the option to continue with the download or to cancel it. To continue, click “Open”.


7. In the spaces provide, please enter your assigned username and password and click “Continue” when finished. Note: Your username and password information was given to you in step 5 above. Please refer to the instructions you received on that page for your username and password.


8. After clicking “Continue”, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials. This is just a standard security precaution that is in place because adding the “connectWest” profile to your machine will change its settings. These changes will not harm your laptop or adversely interfere with its functionality.


9. A new screen will appear confirming that you have successfully connected to wireless network. Click “Done” to complete the process.