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Email Using IPhone

STEP 1: Pre-Configuration Check List
  1. Log into and confirm your login and password work
  2. If your login and password do not work, you will need to click on the “Lost Password” link below the log in and re-set your password (It is automated and you do this without calling the ITS helpdesk).
  3. If you performed step 2 above, confirm that your log in and password work accessing myUWG before moving forward to “Ready to set up iPhone”
STEP 2: Basic Information you will need
STEP 3: Ready to set up iPhone
  1. Open (settings) icon on the main iPhone menu
  2. Scroll down and select (mail)
  3. Under Accounts select (add)
  4. Scroll down and choose (other)
  5. Select (add)
  6. Type in your full name, UWG email address, current UWG email password, and something like “UWG” under description

When you see the Mail & Notes Icons…(turn “ON” Mail)

Enter this information when prompted:
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)

Outgoing Mail Server (Primary Server)

When you back out one screen, make sure is ON and checked as your primary SMTP Server

STEP 4: Confirm set up

Back out a few screens until you see the Account menu - Choose UWG
IMAP / Account:
Mail is set to ON

Choose your Account >

IMAP Account Information
Name: Your full name
Address: your email address
Description: UWG

Incoming Mail Server
Host name:
User name: jsmith
Password: (dots that hide your email password)

Outgoing Mail Server: (then select)

Primary Server should be: and is ON (then select >)

Server: ON

Outgoing Mail Server
Host name:
User name: jsmith
Password: (dots that hide your myuwg password)
Authenication: Password
Server Port: 465
(go back two screens, hit cancel at the top left, then Account at top left)

Scroll down to Advanced and select >
Other than the below ”incoming settings”, leave everything alone, unless you want to make changes

Step 5: Testing

Hit the round HOME button at the bottom of your screen and choose the mail icon on the lower left
Choose your inbox (you should see your UWG email)
Send a test message to confirm it is working:
Choose the small box icon with a pencil on the lower left
Send a message to yourself or someone and confirm you received it on your desktop or another computer.
(You can back out a screen and check your outbox to make sure it was sent successfully)