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Google Apps Training Videos

To aid in your transition to Google Apps, please click on the appropriate link(s) below to view training videos. If you are having trouble viewing the videos, download Google Chrome (videos may not play in Internet Explorer or Firefox). Also, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.


Chat in Gmail

Compose a Message in a New Window

Create and Send Messages in Gmail

What is a Draft Message?

Drag and Drop Labels

Gmail Overview

Gmail Search

Google Apps for Business Overview

Setting Up Gmail Delegation

Transitioning to Gmail

Use Quick Links to Save Searches


Google Calendar

Add Google Maps in Calendar Events

Change Calendar Views in Google Calendar

Copy an Event in Google Calendar

Create a Calendar in Google Calendar

Creating Events in Google Calendar

Embed a Google Calendar

Google Calendar Notifications and Reminders

Google Calendar Overview

Make a Calendar Public in Google Calendar

New Look for Google Calendar

Print Calendars and Events

Setting Up Google Calendar Delegation

Share a Google Calendar

Share Google Calendars

View Coworker's Calendar



Google Drive and Google Docs

Create a Form in Google Docs

Create a New Google Document

Create a New Google Presentation

Create a New Google Spreadsheet

Embed Content in a Google Presentation

Google Docs Overview

Insert a Chart into a Google Spreadsheet

Look Up a Word in Google Docs

Print a Google Presentation

Publish a Google Document

Send a Form in Google Docs

Share a Google Spreadsheet

Use the Equation Editor in Google Docs

Using Forms in Google Docs

View Form Responses in Google Docs