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New Students

Common questions for new UWG students:



Do I need a computer at UWG?

The short answer is YES. You will need your own computer OR access to a computer as a student at UWG. While purchasing your own computer is not required, it is highly recommended. Students are expected to use a computer for their course work. You will need to be able to do research via the web, use word processing for class assignments, and use e-mail correspondence. These tasks will be things you do frequently, if not daily, to accomplish your class work at UWG.

Also, most professors now place their syllabi online (on their web page linked to the campus website) for students to view. Assignments, resource materials, and regular correspondence with classmates and instructors are available through e-mail and the Internet. In addition, many distance learning courses are available which use WebCT.

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If I purchase a computer, what do you recommend?

Click here for system recommendations.

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What else will my computer need?

Other recommendations for your computer:

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Does UWG provide internet connectivity?

Yes, if you live on Campus! On Campus, you may connect to UWG's own high speed ResNet. To connect, you'll need a compatible PC as well as:

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What software will I need?

We recommend:

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Does UWG offer any software to students?

Yes! UWG now participates in the Student Microsoft Campus Agreement which enables students to obtain free copies of the latest versions of specific Microsoft software. Microsoft Office and the latest operating system are typically available.

NOTICE: You will need to use your email account to download software.

  1. Be sure your system meets the minimum requirements for the software you wish to obtain. (System requirements can be found here.)
  2. To download software from SRS: Click Here to access the guide. Click Here to go to the SRS site for the software.

You may install your own software or you may have a SITS technician perform the installation for you. You will be required to show you’re your ID and sign the necessary release forms. You also need to bring in your information from the SRS download. After installation you must activate your software.

SITS hours are:

(Summer hours may vary)

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