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Wireless Access

You can connect to the UWG Wireless Network from almost anywhere on campus!

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Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access is currently available at the following locations:

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To connect to the UWG Wireless Network, follow the following steps:
  1. Open your internet browser and try to load a page.
  2. A web page with a login screen will appear.
  3. Enter your myUWG email address ( and password to authenticate.  You will be automatically redirected to your default browser screen.

Note: Once you have authenticated your connection is no longer encrypted by UWG.  This means that any data sent over unencrypted web pages may be intercepted by malicious users.  You can verify that a web site has encryption enabled by looking for the “padlock” symbol in the corners of your browser window.

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Wireless FAQ

Q: Will my wireless connection work anywhere ACCESSUWG is available?

A: Yes, all you need to do is type in your user ID (full email address) and password at the prompt on the “Log-in page” and it will work in any of the wireless zones listed on this site.

Q: When I try to use the wireless, no matter what website I try to access I only get this one page; how do I get to where I am trying to go?

A: When you first connect to ACCESSUWG, the only website you can get to is the “Login page”. You must type in your user ID (full email address) and password at the prompt on the “Login page” to be able to move beyond this page.

Q: Can I use an Apple iPhone or other web enable device, or is the network only available for laptops?

A: ACCESSUWG is accessible from any device capable of browsing the internet. Check here or on the “Login page” for additional instructions.

Q: On certain occasions, I have trouble connecting, even though I am within a wireless network zone. Why is that?

A: Wireless connections are susceptible to possible radio interference due to weather, other wireless devices, or obstructions like buildings and trees. In this case, try moving to another location within the wireless zone. Keep in mind that ACCESSUWG is not intended as a replacement for wired network access. If you are trying to access course material or attend an on-line class, wired network access is provided for faculty and staff use in their offices and classrooms while students have access to several conveniently located computer labs.

Q: I can barely see my computer screen outside. Is there something I can do to improve the display?

A: When outside in daylight, it may help you to raise the brightness level on your screen. Note that on some laptops you must use a certain combination of keyboard keys to adjust the brightness level. If you are unsure how to adjust to the brightness level on your screen, refer to the documentation that came with your computer.

Faculty and Staff should contact their helpdesk for further details or to request wireless access.

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Wireless Security

When connected to ACCESSUWG, please keep in mind that your wireless session is not encrypted by the University.  It is your sole responsibility to ensure that any information you send over the wireless network is secure.  The University has available for your use a VPN client that will encrypt your connection to the network.  The client and instructions for its use can be found here.

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