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Phone Model 3904 User Guide

Making a Call

Station to Station Calls: Dial the user's 5-digit number  

Local Calls: 8 + (Area Code 404,678,770, 470, most in 706, and a few in 256) + 7-digit Number   

Long Distance: dial 8, 1 + 10-digit number   (for numbers in United States, Canada, and for Caribbean & other islands) 


Terms and Definitions

Green key (also referred to as primary line key)- pressing this key allows you to obtain a dial tone just as if you lifted the handset or pressed the Handsfree Key.  Pressing the green key a second time does a number redial of the last number dialed from your phone set.  The 5-digit number displayed to the left of the green key is your phone's local 5-digit extension.  * M3904 has 12 lines 

Hold-Key pressed to place a call on hold. Return to held call by pressing flashing Line Key   DN means Directory Number; another term for line or extension. 

Goodbye-Key used to disconnect from a call.   

Handsfree Key-Allows you activate speaker at any time during a call: to initiate a handsfree call; press line key or handsfree key; to switch to handsfree during an active call, press handsfree key and then hangup the handset.  To switch off speaker phone mode and back to handset, just pick up the handset.   

Mute-Allows you to listen to caller without them hearing you. The Mute key flashes when active.   

Volume Control Bar-Located at the bottom of the dial pad. Controls volume of handset, speaker, ringer,handset, headset and handsfree.   

Headset-Key allows you to turn headset off & on.   

Options-Key used to make adjustments to your telephone. Use Navigation arrow keys and select key to go to the desired option. Use Done key to save changes.

Softkeys-Four keys directly under display; they change during set operation. 

Navigation Key-Allows you to scroll through menu and lists on display by using the up, down, right or left arrow of the Navigation key.   

Quit Key-Quit key ends an active application. May be used while on a call without interrupting the call.   

Copy Key-Copy key copies incoming or outgoing call numbers into the directory.   

Directory Log-Allows you to store 100 numbers, view caller's list & redial list.   

Shift-Shift key allows you access to second layer of line keys.   

TRANSFER To transfer a call to another user To activate While on an active call, press Trans and dial the number. You then have two choices: connect and swap. Connect will complete the transfer and swap will allow you to switch between the original caller and the person to whom you are trying to transfer the call.
CONFERENCE To add other users to a call To activate While on an active call, press Conf and dial the number. As with transfer, you have two choices: connect and swap. It works just like transfer. To add additional parties (up to 6 including yourself), repeat.
CALL JOIN  To join two separate calls together into one call To join a call  When you have two calls on separate lines (one is on hold) & you wish to connect them, press Conf, then press the line on hold, then press connect. Both calls will be joined freeing up your line.  
Note:  If the person you wish to add to the conference is unavailable, Press the Goodbye key. Then press the line (DN) key with the flashing icon to return to the original call. 
CALL FORWARD To redirect your calls to another phone To activate Without lifting handset, press the Forward key. Enter the number you want to forward all calls to. If you are selecting an outside line, don't forget the '8'. Select DONE to complete the operation or cancel to change.            
    To cancel Without lifting handset, press CheckFW. Press CancelFW to cancel.
CALL PICKUP  To answer a ringing telephone in your area To pickup  When you hear another telephone ringing in your area, pickup your handset and press the PICKUP button.

Note:  If you get a FAST BUSY TONE, either someone else picked up the call or you are not in the same group with the ringing phone. 
CALL PARK  To HOLD a call to be retrieved from another phone To park a call While on an active call, press the PARK key. Make a note of the PARK CODE showing in your display. Press OK.
    To retrieve a parked call From any telephone set on the system, pickup the handset and dial the PARK CODE given when the call was parked.
MESSAGE To reach Voice Mail To use   Get dial tone by pressing your line key or lift handset, then press MESSAGE key. 
DIRECTORY/LOG To access personal directory and Call Log  To use log  Press Directory Log: select caller's list, use navigation keys to scroll through list. (Follow softkeys)
    To use directory  Press Directory Log: select personal directory; press addnew to add (follow the softkey instructions) Use dial pad & corresponding letters to enter names. From caller's list, press copy to add number to directory.  
    To use redial   Press Directory Log: select redial list, use navigation keys to scroll through list. (Follow softkeys); press "dial" when at number you wish to redial. 
LAST NUMBER REDIAL To redial the number of your last call To use Press green key (line key) twice or pickup handset & press green key.
AUTO DIAL  One touch dialing  To Store #  Without lifting handset, press Auto Dial, dial number, press Auto Dial. 
    To Use   Lift handset or press DN key, press Auto Dial.