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Directory Assistance

Procedures for calling for "Information"

All calls to telephone company or directory assistance phone services on campus are restricted for cost control reasons.

The University's administration has set a policy that all PBX phone calls to 411 are not allowed unless authorized by a UWG Telecomm Cost Center Manager.

Normally telephone number information is accessed by dialing 8 to get an outside line and then dialing 411. As of January 2005, a completed 411 call from a campus administrative phone generates a $2.10 charge on your departmental phone bill. If the call doesn't go through then a work order to the ITS Helpdesk with written approval of the Cost Center Manager will need to be issued to remove the 411 calling restriction.

If you know the area code of the person or business being called & the phone company there supports the 555-1212 "information" service, you can dial 8 + 1 + 3 digit area code + 555 1212. This will be charged on department's phone bills at $2.10 per call.

There are also some free web sites where you can look up phone numbers though note they may not be as complete and as up to date as BellSouth's 411 or other phone companies 555-1212 service. Some web sites you could try searching for phone numbers are:

Bellsouth also offers digital phone directories which may be placed on your desktop. Click here for more information.