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Symantec FAQ

ITS utilizes Symantec for our campus wide virus protection software. ITS will maintain a site license for Symantec anti-virus software for use by UWG Faculty, Staff & Students. Symantec provides proactive anti-virus and spyware protection.

Common Questions
  1. Who can use this software?
    UWG Faculty, Staff & Students
  2. Can this be used for a home PC?
    Yes, the site license covers Faculty, Staff & Student personal PCs as well as UWG office PCs.
  3. Which product should I use?
    Home PCs use the same product as your office PC, without the network connection.
  4. Where do I obtain the software for my home pc?
    Current UWG Faculty, Staff and Students may download the installation file through Campus Pipeline (a.k.a. MyUWG).
    • Log into MyUWG.
    • Click on the "Support" tab.
    • Find the "Technet" Channel.
    • Find the "Software & Support" topic.
    • The link is listed as "Symantec Antivirus - UWG Licensed Home Use Download." Simply click on the link to download.
      Another link, "Symantec Home Installation Instructions", is available to guide you through the installation if you need help.
  5. Who do I contact if I'm having trouble with the software?
    For help with your office installation, contact your helpdesk.
    For help with your home installation, Students may contact SITS. Faculty and Staff should contact Symantec.
  6. Can I install my own Anti-Virus Software on my office PC?
    Sometimes, but you must be sure that Symantec is not currently installed on your system. If your network automatically installs and updates Symantec at your log on, you should NOT install additional anti-virus software. Anti-Virus Software is not developed to be used simultaneously with other Anti-Virus programs. Quite simply, they don't "play well with each other" and can present some rather annoying system problems. You should also keep in mind that UWG support is only offered for Symantec.