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Password Protecting your Website

At times, you may wish to limit access to certain files or directories on your site at UWG to specific users. You can accomplish this through password protection. To set up password protection, follow the instructions below.

*The instructions below are specific for UWG and will not likely work for other servers. This features is NOT compatible with the student web server! 

  1. Connect via SSH to
  2. Log in as prompted. (If you're not familiar with SSH access, this user id and password is the same as your email user id and password.)
  3. Type in the command "passwd_ok" and press "Enter".
  4. You should now see a menu which allows you to control password protection for your directories. Type in "1" to select "Edit Protected Directories" and press "Enter".
  5. At the next menu, type "2" to select "Protect New Directory" and press "Enter".
  6. Enter a name for your new directory as prompted and press "Enter".
  7. If the directory does not exist, you will be asked if it is ok to create it. Type "y" for Yes and press "Enter".
  8. The next question will ask if you want to edit this directory now. Type "y" for Yes and press "Enter". This will allow you to add authorized users for your new directory.
  9. At the next menu, type in "1" to select "Add User to this Directory" and press "Enter".
  10. At the prompt, enter the user name and press "Enter".
  11. Next you will be asked if you want to add this user. Type "y" for Yes and press "Enter".
  12. Now, enter a password for your new user and press "Enter". (*You're creating the password for this user at this time.)
  13. A confirmation will appear indicating that the new user has been added. Press "Enter" to continue. You should now be back at the menu where you can continue adding users. If you're ready to exit, select the option to return to the previous or main menu until you have an option to exit.

You can manage your password protection at anytime by returning via SSH and typing "passwd_ok".