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MyUWG is an innovative tool designed to simplify the process of using email, Banweb, WebCT and more. It provides a central login and url for access to most everything a student needs at UWG.


Accessing MyUWG


User ID:  By now hopefully you have heard of MyUWG in correspondence sent out from various departments. Such correspondence should have reflected your username for MyUWG. Your username is made up of your first initial and by up to 6 characters of your last name followed by a series of numbers.

Note:  If you do not know your username, visit and click on "How Do I Get A Username and Password." This link will take you to a form where you can enter either your Social Security Number or your Student ID number and it will return your MyUWG user id and the formula used for your password.

Initial Password: Your initial password is set as the last 2 digits of your birth year, followed by last 4 digits of your SSN. For users who have already accessed BanWeb, try your current BanWeb PIN.


Using MyUWG

MyUWG features a broad variety of online tools and information for students. Most of the information is categorized using "tabs" and "channels."

When you first log in to MyUWG, you will notice a series of "tabs" near the top of the screen. Each tab contains a specific family of information and channels, the most common of which are outlined below.

On each tab you will notice a series of boxes similar to windows. These boxes are known as "channels."

Some tabs and channels can be moved, closed or minimized allowing you to customize your view of MyUWG. For help customizing MyUWG, click the "Help" icon near the top right of your screen.


Password Recovery

Password Recovery is a new option for myUWG and consists of 2 steps : Setup and Recovery. Use this as your first resource if you have forgotten your password, as opposed to a hard PIN reset or calling the Service Desk. This access method is considered the same as providing your password (authentication), so treat it with the same level of respect as guarding your password or PIN, i.e. consider your answers carefully.

Setup: You will be required to to answer at least 2 Questions, once Recovery is enabled.

Recovery: click the Forget Password? link in the myUWG Login Dialog box and then answer 2 of the questions from the user setup phase correctly for the system to log them in.