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Password Tips

Faculty, Staff, Department & Organizational email passwords expire every 365 days!

This is a security feature that helps protect unauthorized access to your account. We strongly recommend that you do not share your passwords or PINs with anyone. It's also very ineffective to write your passwords down or to allow programs to "remember" your password.

Update your Password

Please utilize this self-service link to change your password in the active directory. This will be a requirement for each user and will synchronize passwords.

Click here for instructions on using the self-service tool. 

Account Enrollment in UWG ADSelfService

Sign in using your current login credentials. You will then be required to register your account by selecting the “Enrollment” button, a process which requires selection of five security questions.

Once registered, you may then change your password. Please see the complete password policy below.

*If you need assistance, choose the Help option at the top right of the screen to access ADSelfService Help.

UWG ID Password Policy

Your new password should meet the minimum qualifications:

You must meet these minimum security requirements to allow the reset of your password as evidenced by a green rating in the strength analyzer indicating a “strong” password. 

Tips for Creating A Good Password:

Clever Password Formulas:

  • Word Formula: Take two words and combine them with a number or special character in the middle. The combination creates a unique term that makes a good password. Of course, the terms you choose should still not be personal or easily connected to you.
  • Acronym Formula: Use the initial letters of a phrase to create an acronym, especially if a number or special character is included.