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Email Using Pegasus (windows)

The following tutorial applies to:

If your email address ends with "", please view the information for Student Email.

Step 1

Starting Pegasus for the first time will automatically bring up the the configuration wizard. Click Next to continue.


Step 2

Provide your full email address.


Step 3

Type in your incoming mail server.
This can be a POP or IMAP server even though the wizard only references POP.  If you use POP, your incoming mail server is  If you use IMAP, your mail server is


Step 4

Provide your user name and password.


Step 5

On Campus
Enter your outgoing mail server as

Off Campus
Enter your outgoing mail (SMTP) server. This will be your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER's outgoing mail server!

Step 6

Select your internet connection.


Step 7

Click Finish to save your entries.


* The following steps apply to off campus access only.


Step 8

From the top navigation bar in Pegasus, select File, then Network Configuration.


Step 9

Click on the Receiving tab. Then select your account by highlighting it, then click Edit.


Step 10

On the General tab, in the Server TCP/IP port box, enter the port number.

    * If you are using POP, the correct port is 995.
    * If you are using IMAP, the correct port is 993.



Step 11

Click on the Security tab.
Select via direct SSL connect.


Step 12

A warning will appear regarding a change in port numbers. Click Change to accept.


Step 13

Click OK to exit the Receiving window. Now click on the Sending (SMTP) tab and highlight your account inside the box. Click Edit.


Step 14

Click on the Security tab. Select Via Direct SSL Connect. Then check Log into the SMTP server using the following details. The username and password boxes will then allow you to enter your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER's username and password.


Step 15

Click OK to exit Security tab.
Click OK to exit Internet Mail tab.
Close and restart Pegasus.

Congratulations! You're Ready To Use Your Email!