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For Faculty and Staff, MyUWG provides an excellent means of communicating with the student population. Since email is now the official means of communcation, important messages and announcements will be sure to reach the majority of the student body.

Accessing MyUWG

User ID: Faculty and Staff should request a user id and password through the ITS Helpdesk at 678-839-6587 or

Making Announcements

MyUWG announcements offer an easy and effective way to communicate with users through the myUWG portal. Generally, MyUWG announcements:

How to Make MyUWG Announcements

To have an announcement made through the myUWG portal, follow the procedures below.

  1. Determine the group that you wish to target. Your basic choices are below:
    • Campus Wide
    • Faculty Only
    • Faculty & Staff

      You may also target specific majors or class groups such as Seniors.
      If you wish to target highly specific groups or Freshmen, you will need to request a Banner job to create the group. To do so, submit your request for the group to be created for the purpose of a targeted portal announcement through If you're not sure if a Banner job is needed, check with the helpdesk at 678-839-6587.
  2. Prepare the text for your message.
  3. Submit your message to your Vice President or their designee for approval.
  4. Submit your approved message to the helpdesk at along with your request to make the announcement via the portal, your targeting specifics and your date range for the announcement.