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What is an EDP?

The EDP process is a review of the equipment or software you are buying to make sure it will work with the existing campus infrastructure.

NOTE: For most technology purchases, the approval is now done as part of the ePro process and no fom is required.

Q2. What still needs an EDP form submitted?
How does EDP approval affect purchasing guidelines?

The EDP approval process is totally separate from the Purchasing process.  All purchasing guidelines must still be followed.

What purchases do NOT require and EDP?

Certainly there will be cases where an IT purchase does not require an EDP. Most often these purchases are related to maintenance contract renewals. The most common cases are:

How do I submit an EDP?

Submitting an EDP requires a few simple steps:

What information do I need to complete the form?

For those items that still require an EDP form, you'll need to know what you're buying, for how much, and

What about the Technical Review Question?

If ITS has generated a quote for you, no technical review is required. If you have generated the specifications and quote yourself, and would like the quote to be reviewed, answer yes to this question and email your quote to the Service Desk or fax your documentation to 9-5070.

How long does an EDP Form take to process?

An EDP that does not have to go to USG ITS for approval takes about 1 week to process.

Do EDPs require special approval?

If an EDP is over $100,000 or if the equipment or software that is being purchased interacts with Banner or Peoplesoft, the EDP must go to the Board of Regents Office of Information Technology Services (USG ITS) for approval. A special form is used for these EDPs. If your EDP falls into this category, please contact the helpdesk for the form. You should allow about a month for this type of EDP to be processed.

What happens after I submit my EDP Form?

Once your EDP is submitted it is sent as expediently as possible across the following work flow:

Can I put multiple items on one EDP Form?


Does a printer need an EDP Form?

In general, no. 

Does software need an EDP Form?

In some cases, yes:

Does A/V equipment need an EDP Form?    

In general, no.

How long is the EDP good for?

An EDP is good for one calendar year from the date of approval.

Can I increase the amount on the EDP?

Increasing the amount of an EDP can be done but requires additional steps within the workflow. If you would like to increase the amount of an EDP please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

Can I buy a different model than the one listed on the EDP?

In some cases, a model line can change name or become decommissioned after an EDP has been generated.  It is perfectly acceptable to change the model of a purchase in cases like this so long as you remain with the original vendor (eg: Dell).  What you cannot do is change the vendor out right (eg: Dell to Mac).