Library Home at The University of West Georgia


Database Evaluation
In an effort to build and maintain a collection of resources that supports the curricular and research needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the State University of West Georgia, databases are routinely considered for purchase by Ingram Library. To ensure systematic evaluation of all databases recommended for local purchase, Ingram Library maintains a Database Evaluation Committee.

Library Systems Functionalty Committee
Our Charge is currently under development.

Library Systems Usability Committee
Our Charge is currently under development and will be posted here as soon as it is approved.

The Parr Committee will review and approve individual employee assessment criteria submitted by supervisors. The Parr Committee will make suggestions regarding the library-wide assessment process. The Parr Committee will provide explanatory/instructional sessions to new and continuing employees regarding the evaluation process.

Public Relations
The Library Public Relations Committee shall promote the Library's resources and services through the following activities:

  • Plan, coordinate, and publicize special library events;
  • Serve as an editorial board for the Collection Connection;
  • Encourage gifts and financial support where appropriate.

Search Procedures (Ad Hoc)

  1. Revise the search committee procedures for professional library positions.
  2. Revise the current library resources manual to reconcile anomalies in hiring and promotions procedures for staff and consider the proposal of adding the option to hire fulltime library support staff members without a formal search committee but with input solicited from all library staff interested in the particular search. How similar should procedures for hiring staff be to the procedures for hiring faculty? Also verify that the manual is in line with current University and BOR policies/procedures.
  3. Recommend how current classifications not outlined in the manual should be handled by the library. Is an additional manual needed? Should they simply be added in? Should they be included at all?

Space Planning
In an effort to provide a pleasant environment for study within the Library, a secure place for the library.s collections, and well-planned space for patron and staff use, Ingram Library will maintain a Space Planning Committee. Serving as an advisory committee to the Library Administration, the Committee will be responsible for advising the Library Administration regarding requests related to common space within the Library.

Requests for use of or modification of space outside a department/division.s management must go before the Space Planning Committee for consideration and recommendation. Modifications which do not conflict with this guideline may be handled within the affected division/department.

Inactive Committees