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Database Evaluation Committee


In an effort to build and maintain a collection of resources that supports the curricular and research needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the University of West Georgia, databases are routinely considered for purchase by Ingram Library. To ensure systematic evaluation of all databases recommended for local purchase, Ingram Library maintains a Database Evaluation Committee.


The IS members of the Committee are charged with developing a list of criteria on which to evaluate databases proposed for purchase at Ingram Library and the full Committee is charged with evaluating recommended databases based on those criteria.


The Committee shall consist of the Electronic Resources/Collection Assessment Librarian (Chair), one member of the Instructional Services Division, appointed by the Head of Instructional Services, and a rotating member(s) who is(are) the current Library liaison(s) to the department(s) impacted by the purchase of a database. The IS member shall serve a two-year term. Membership is based on fiscal year. Liaison librarians will serve when databases directly relating to their liaison departments are considered for purchase.

 Current Members  Membership Dates
 Charles Sicignano, Chair  Standing Appointment
 Vacant  2008-2010




Any UWG faculty member may recommend a database for local purchase. As selection of all materials for Ingram Library is based on the Mission of Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library and the Collection Development Policy, and utilizes the expertise of the Library liaisons to individual departments, all recommendations for subject specific databases should be directed initially to the appropriate Library liaison, this includes recommendations made by Library faculty, non-Library faculty, and those made by the Head of Acquisitions and/or the Associate Director of Libraries. Databases covering multiple subjects (i.e., databases of a general nature covering a broad range of subjects and/or disciplines) should be forwarded directly to the Committee. Upon receiving a recommendation, the liaison will conduct an informal review of the database to determine whether it would be an appropriate addition to the Library's collection and whether it warrants further evaluation by the Committee. Such a review may require the liaison to request a trial of the database through the appropriate vendor and if the recommendation came from within the Library to contact the appropriate Department chair/faculty to determine whether there is sufficient interest within the Department. If the liaison determines the database does not merit further consideration by the Committee, no further action is necessary, however, the liaison should inform the person that recommended the database of the decision not to forward the recommendation to the Committee and submit a written review to the Committee as to why the database was not submitted for further evaluation. If, on the other hand, the liaison determines the database is an appropriate resource for the UWG community, the liaison will make a written recommendation for a full evaluation to the Committee. When received, the Chair of the Committee will schedule a meeting of Committee members to discuss/evaluate the database(s) based on the criteria for evaluating databases and announce the meeting date to the librarians. The meeting date shall not be scheduled earlier than seven days after a recommendation has been made. The Database Committee Chair shall document the results of the evaluation and present, for information, those results at the Librarians' meeting following the Committee meeting. It is the responsibility of the Chair to provide an accessible file (either paper or electronic) of all DE Committee evaluations.

The Committee will not make purchasing decisions.

Approved 12/20/01; Rev. 2/26/04; Rev. 8/18/04; Rev. 1/14/09