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PARR (Performance Assessment Review and Revision) Committee


The Parr Committee will review and approve individual employee assessment criteria submitted by supervisors. The Parr Committee will make suggestions regarding the library-wide assessment process. The Parr Committee will provide explanatory/instructional sessions to new and continuing employees regarding the evaluation process.


The Parr Committee shall be composed of four members: one from each Library Division (Technical Services, Administration, Access Services, Instructional Services), selected as that Division so desires. At least one member of the Committee will be a classified staff employee. Members will serve two-year rotating terms (two new members each year). Membership is based on fiscal year. No division (or, in Technical Services, department) chair shall be eligible to serve as a member of this committee. The Committee Chair, elected at the last meeting of the fiscal year, shall rotate each year by election of the members, to a member serving his/her second year. The Associate Director will serve as an ex officio member of the committee.

 Current Members  Division or Department  Membership Dates
 Chris Carroll  Access Services  2006-2008
 Gail Smith  Technical Services  2007-2009
 Chris Huff  Administration  2006-2008
 Shirly Lankford  Instructional Services  2007-2009
 Susan Smith  Associate Director  Ex-officio


The Committee will meet each Fall Semester and determine a calendar for the assessment process for the coming year. The Committee will issue a memorandum to all employees outlining the timetable for assessment, in accordance with past procedures. Prior to the beginning of the assessment process, the Committee will review each assessment criteria for accuracy, clarity, and completeness. If necessary, recommendations for changes will be made to the Associate Director and the supervisor concerned. Prior to the beginning of the assessment process each year, the Committee will hold an open meeting for employees to explain the process and to note any changes. The Committee should prepare explanatory materials as necessary or as useful (preferable in electronic form), and make them available to all staff.

Individual criteria are eligible for change or revision on January 1, July 1, or when new employees are hired. The committee should meet with supervisors as necessary in the spring and fall to consider changes to criteria. The Committee shall regularly solicit recommendations for changes to broad-based criteria, and to the assessment process from all employees. They shall advise the Associate Director in the implementation of the employee assessment process.

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