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Public Relations


The Library Public Relations Committee shall promote the Library's resources and services through the following activities:

  • Plan, coordinate, and publicize special library events;
  • Serve as an editorial board for the Collection Connection;
  • Encourage gifts and financial support where appropriate.


The Committee shall be composed of the following ex officio members: Library Director. Two elected members, one faculty representative elected by the Library faculty and one support staff representative elected by the support staff, will serve two year terms. Membership is based on fiscal year. The Chair shall be elected at the last meeting of the fiscal year by the Committee members for a two-year term.

 Current Members  Represents  Membership Dates
 Lorene Flanders  Library Director  Ex-officio
 Sharlet George  Web Associate  2007-2009
 Carol Goodson  Head Access Services  2007-2009
 Victoria Gunther, Chair  Coordinator of Development  2007-2009

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

The PR Committee meets second Fridays of each month at 2:00 pm. Future meeting times are subject to change.

Rev. 2/26/04