Library Home at The University of West Georgia

Space Planning Committee


In an effort to provide a pleasant environment for study within the Library, a secure place for the library.s collections, and well-planned space for patron and staff use, Ingram Library will maintain a Space Planning Committee. Serving as an advisory committee to the Library Administration, the Committee will be responsible for advising the Library Administration regarding requests related to common space within the Library.

Requests for use of or modification of space outside a department/division.s management must go before the Space Planning Committee for consideration and recommendation. Modifications which do not conflict with this guideline may be handled within the affected division/department.


Committee membership, based on fiscal year, will be comprised of one representative from each of the three Library Divisions, Access Services, Instructional Services, and Technical Services, and one representative from the Administrative Office. Members will be selected by whatever means the division or unit shall determine. Initially, the representatives from Access Services and Instructional Services will serve two year terms, and the representatives from Technical Services and the Administrative Office will serve three year terms. Thereafter, all members will serve two year terms. The chair will be appointed by the Library Director at the last meeting of the fiscal year from among the Committee members.

Committee Members

Chris Carroll
Chris Huff
Margaret Hughes
Julie Dobbs
Dean Sullivan