Library Home at The University of West Georgia

Library Systems Functionality Committee

Meeting: June 28, 2006

Time: 9:00am - 10:30am
Location: Library Conference RoomAgenda:

  • Reading and approval of the minutes for previous meeting
  • Online Roundtable
  • Reports from Service Areas and Workgroups
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
      o  Election of officers
      o  Meeting/Committee management and planning
      o  Roundtable announcments from each department
      o  In-house application management


Regular Meeting, June 28, 2006 (Library Conference at 10:30am)
Members ("X" = Present):
X Carol Goodson, Access Services
    Susan Smith, Acquisitions
X Betsy Griffies, Cataloging
X Chris Huff, Systems
Guests: None
Chair: Chris Huff
Previous Meetings Minutes: None

Election of officers Chris Huff elected Chair Committee 06/28/2006
Meeting/Committee management and planning Assign: Chris will implement a beta wiki based upon the UWG Technology Coordinating Council model Chris Huff 07/12/2006
In-house Applications Assign: Develop process and procedures for defining, evaluating, selecting and managing applications (in-house developed and otherwise acquired) Committee Assess progress August 23, 2006