Library Home at The University of West Georgia

Library Systems Usability Committee Meeting

19 May 2006

Attendees: Shirley Lankford, Michael Aldrich and Diane Fulkerson

The meeting began with the appointment of Diane Fulkerson as secretary for the committee. We then proceeded to develop a charge for the committee. Before creating the charge the committee examined the charges of the Automation, OPAC, Web and Web site Usability Committees. The work of this committee will be based on the work of the previous committees mentioned above. We also discussed how Ingram Library is reflected in the website and that in order to make changes to the website we need to delineate between structure, design, usability and accessibility. After review and discussion of the charges of the four previous committees we developed the following charge for the Library Systems Usability Committee:

    The Library Systems Usability Committee has responsibilities and authority over usability, structure, design and accessibility issues related to the Ingram Library web resources. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing the purpose of the Library website.
  • Reviewing an assessment tool and methods for evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of the Library homepage.
  • Administering the assessment tool.
  • Identifying obstacles that impede the success of the Library website in achieving its stated purpose.
  • Recommending modifications or enhancements that support the success of the Library website in achieving its stated purpose.

Next meeting will be held June 2, 2006 to discuss processes and procedures.