Library Home at The University of West Georgia

Library Systems Usability Committee Meeting

02 June 2006

Attendees: Shirley Lankford, Michael Aldrich and Diane Fulkerson

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved with amendments. Michael will forward the committee's charge to the Director and Associate Director of the library. The committee agreed to review the charge before each meeting to ensure our work is in compliance with the committee charge. This meeting was devoted to identifying the processes and procedures we will need to develop and implement to carry out the charge. Some of the areas we identified were:

  • Recommended changes will be presented at the librarians meeting.
  • Changes should be user driven to meet their needs.
  • How we will work with the Functionality Committee.
  • Administration of assessment tool.
  • How information and suggestions are made and disseminated to the entire library.
  • Develop a database to keep track of suggestions.
  • Simplify the Library homepage.
  • Create guidelines for what will appear on the Library homepage.
  • Check for dead links using link checking software.
  • Keep guidelines for web page creation as general as possible.
  • The importance of archiving the work of the committee.

We divided up the list of processes and procedures and Michael will work on suggestions and information dissemination, Shirley will develop an overview of the processes and procedures, how we will work with the Functionality Committee and the purpose of archiving the work of the committee. Diane will work on the administration of the assessment tool and software to check links. Michael informed the committee that Chris Huff, Systems Librarian, voiced his concern that Sharlet George should be a member of the committee. Sharlet is the web associate for the library. The committee discussed the concern from Chris and decided that people will be invited to attend the meeting as needed.

The next meeting will take place on June 9th at 2pm.