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Merit Pay Evaluation Process (Revised)

  1. The evaluation period is from January through December.
  2. New employees hired before September 1 will go through the merit pay evaluation process. Employees hired after September 1 will generally receive an increase equal to an average merit increase awarded administratively.
  3. Begin early in December to review performance standards. (In order to keep these clearly in mind, standards should be reviewed periodically throughout the year.) As you do your evaluation, make notes on things that need to be changed.
  4. Completed portfolio should be forwarded to supervisor by February of that year.
    Portfolio must include:
    - up-to-date job description
    - copies of job standards
    - employee's self-evaluation based on standards (up-to-date standards for all jobs should be located at S: > ADMIN > PARR as well as the Parr notebook, in possession of the Parr Chair.)
    - written documentation and/or other evidence of work completed, tasks accomplished, or progress toward completion of projects.
    - Goals Sheet (available on S:>ADMIN>PARR>MPE Process>Goals Form)
    - Examples of other items may be included: annual reports, unit reports, special reports, budgets, publications, guides, handouts, photography of work, certificates, letters from patrons, feedback forms, etc.
  5. Self-evaluations must consider every standard under every facet of your job. Each standard must be rated on a zero-based rating scale, with 50% an average score.
  6. February of that year, supervisors will review employees' portfolios and prepare an evaluation of each employee, with written justification in support of scores.
  7. February of that year, supervisors will meet with each employee to go over their evaluation to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the content of the evaluation. Supervisions should emphasize that the scores at this point are not official and subject to revision by the Equity Committee and the Director.
  8. These materials, evaluations by supervisors and portfolios, will be due in the Administrative Offices by March.
  9. The Equity Committee will meet in March to begin review of evaluations. The process should be completed by the end of March.
  10. Immediately after the Equity Committee meets, supervisors and employees will meet to discuss evaluations and agree upon goals. Meetings should generally be completed within one week.
  11. After employee/supervisor meeting, employees will then have seven (7) days to file a written appeal if warranted.
  12. The entire process should be completed by April.
  13. By July 1 of each calendar year, changes to current year standards must have been negotiated with supervisor and then reviewed by PARR Committee.
  14. By January 14th, any coming year changes to standards may also be negotiated, then reviewed and approved by the Committee and/or Admin Office.

Evaluation forms are located at S: > ADMIN > PARR > Blank forms.