Library Home at The University of West Georgia

Parr Committee

Members: Laura, Sam, Margaret, Lori July 2005 to July 2006

  1. Discussed positive and negative aspects of the current MPE Process
  2. Discussed ways to improve, continued to go over notebook with evaluation examples of other university libraries in GA
  3. Reviewed generic performance standards for Student Supervision criteria to be sure that they are still relevant and do not overlap anyone's job criteria. Sent out an email to libstaff notifying them of these two criteria and where they are on the S drive.
  4. Advised staff in the Fall on how to perform MPE's.
  5. Continued to update criteria on the S drive and in the notebook.
  6. Made criteria on the S drive Read only for all staff except for the Admin Office and Parr Chair.
  7. April 2006-Parr met to discuss recommendations for MPE process. Chair wrote up list of recommendations and new Goals sheet for committee to review.
  8. May 2006-Parr sent recommendations and goal sheet rough draft to administration/libstaff for review.
  9. Met on May 25th-Library wide discussion on the recommendations.
  10. Sent a message to Mark and Carol about appointing new members to replace Laura and Sam.
  11. June 2006-Sent out Parr Recommendations2 and revised calendar (Evaluation Process Revised.doc) to Libstaff.
  12. June 2006-Met to go over Employee Standards and elected new Parr Chair-Margaret. Went over duties, projects for new Parr Chair.