Library Home at The University of West Georgia

Automation Committee

1. Purpose and responsibilities

The Committee will participate in planning and implementation of all automated systems in the Library. The committee serves as an advisory group to the library administration and the Systems Librarian and recommends policies and procedures relating to automation.

The committee carries out the purpose and responsibilities primarily as a forum for discussing and solving problems as they affect the whole library. To that end, the Committee may:

  • Review proposals and make recommendations for requests for automation
  • Review budget proposals for hardware, software
  • Advise division/department heads as needed in the implementation and training for automated systems. Division/department heads are responsible for implementation for systems in their own units in consultation with the Systems Librarian.
  • Develop and update long range automation plans

The Committee meets as needed. Any staff member may suggest items for the agenda. Meetings are generally open to any additional interested staff members.

2. Membership

The Committee shall be comprised of the Systems Librarian and a representative appointed by the Division/Department Head from Access Services, Cataloging, Instructional Services, and Technical Services (Acquisitions/Serials). The representative should have expert knowledge of the local system for their area. Appointed members serve two-year terms (fiscal year basis).

 Current Members  Division or Department  Membership Dates
 Betsy Griffies  Cataloging  2004-2006
 Angela Mehaffey, Chair  Access Services  200-2006
 Chris Huff  Systems Librarian  Ex-officio
 Jan Ruskell  Instructional Services  2004-2006
 Susan Smith  Acquisitions  2004-2006

3. Eligibility to vote

The voting members shall be those listed in section 2.

4. Chairperson

The Chair will be elected to a two-year term from among the committee members, with the exception of the Systems Librarian, at the last meeting of the fiscal year.

The chairperson will:

  • Call meetings, set agenda, preside over meetings
  • Summarize and report deliberations of the committee to the library administration and to the Library as a whole
  • Arrange tours for visiting librarians, in coordination with the Systems Librarian and Library Director, and make local arrangements
  • Follow up on activities and procedures suggested by the committee