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OPAC Committee


The OPAC Committee at Ingram Library is charged with making recommendations for configuration, and implementation of the public interface of the online public access catalog. Those recommendations should address issues of functionality, clarity, ease of use, and available help (online and hard-copy).


There shall be three members of this Committee. All shall be from the Instructional Services Division, and shall be appointed by the Division Head. Members shall serve for a period of three years, with a new member appointed (and a member leaving the Committee) every year. Membership is based on fiscal year. The Chair shall be the senior member of the Committee. The Systems Librarian and the Cataloging Librarian will be an ex officio members of the Committee.

 Current Members  Membership Dates
 Michael Aldrich  2004-2007
 Betsy Griffies  Ex-officio
 Chris Huff  Ex-officio
 Charlie Colombo  2005-2008
 Diane Fulkerson  2003-2006


The Committee will familiarize itself with local catalog options and with the GIL OPAC guidelines and make recommendations for implementation of local catalog interface options. The Committee will re-evaluate the OPAC interface and options after each system upgrade.

Each semester, no later than six weeks into the term, the Committee will prepare a report to the Library Director. That report will contain an evaluation of the current implementation of the GIL interface, and will outline any suggestions for improvements to the OPAC interface. The Committee will solicit input from the UWG community, and from Librarians. That report will be forwarded to the GIL OPAC Committee by the Systems Librarian, who will coordinate approved changes.

The Committee will make recommendations to the GIL OPAC Committee for changes/improvements to the interface. The Committee will participate in the USG-wide evaluation efforts (e.g., the Georgia Southern proposal to test the usability design of both GIL and GALILEO interfaces). The Committee will work closely with Ingram Library's Automation Committee and with the Systems Librarian.

Rev. 2/26/04