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Instructional Services

The Library Instructional Services department includes Information Literacy, Reference Services, Liaison Program, and Government Documents.

Information Literacy

The Instructional Services department meets the instruction needs of students and faculty on campus in three ways.


This credit-bearing undergraduate course is an option for students to fulfill Core AreaB-2 in UWG’s Core Curriculum. We reach 500-650 students each year through these classes. The semester-long class provides an opportunity to more thoroughly cover the research process, source evaluation, and critical consumption of information than a traditional one-shot instruction section in another class. Current plans include changing class from a 2-credit to a 3-credit class and developing a version for eCore.

Research Workshops and One-shot Instruction

Research workshops and one-shot instruction are given at the request of instructors. IS is currently working towards reaching more students in specific general education courses (ENGL1101, ENGL1102, and Mass Communications) so that basic skills are being introduced in the first year. This will help to target 2000-4000 level courses by liaisons so that more advanced instruction takes place when students need it in their majors.

First-Year Programming


a. Drop-in reference – Available during weekdays
b. Go Pro – Students and faculty can make appointments with a reference librarian
c. Chat Reference – available 24/7

A. Annual Reference Transactions

B. Research Consultations - Go Pro! Program

1. Go Pro! (Research Consultation)Form for Subject Specialist Appointment - Students

2. Go Pro! Form for Appointment during Regularly Scheduled Reference Hours – Students

3. Go Pro! Appointments for Fall 2011 and Spring 2013


Chat Reference Service: QuestionPoint

Liaison Program

Government Documents

Library Instruction Program

Instruction by Department Spring 2010-2013

Undergraduate Bulletin – Library section
a. Library page - <>
b. LIBR1101 course description - <>
c. LIBR1101 in Core Area B - <>