Library Administration Home at The University of West Georgia

Instruction for Faculty and Academic Development

IS sponsors a monthly faculty development program called Good Librations with each session averaging 15 attendees. Programming for the inaugural year (2012-13) included:

October 26 -- Web of Knowledge, Ulrich's and Open Access
Come learn how to do a cited reference search to see who is citing whom (and who is citing you!). See how you can search for funding agencies who fund research similar to yours. Learn how to evaluate the potential impact of a journal before you submit to publish there. And, since this is during Open Access Week, come find out what that even means!

November 9 -- Don't Shoot Me: Taking the Bullets Out of PowerPoint
Have you ever been to a conference and cringed at a horrible Powerpoint presentations? Have you ever been worried that maybe your slides are cringe-worthy? Come learn how to create effective slides that will engage your audience and not make them wince.

January 11 -- Endnote Web
We'll show you how to use Endnote Web to keep track of the references you are using. Endnote Web works with Microsoft Word to create citations for you while you are writing. And then, when the first journal to which you submit foolishly rejects your article, you can make Endnote Web's Cite While You Write feature automatically change all your footnotes and references to a different citation style so you don't have to!

February 22 -- Finding Grants
Someone from the Office of Research will come and show how to find grants and funding agencies.

No workshop in March due to Spring Break (with Spring Break and Faculty Senate, we run out of Fridays).

April 5 -- It's All About You
Please join us for Ingram Library's first annual celebration of UWG research. Details to come!

As part of continuing professional development, IS Librarians have presented at and attended a variety of conferences and institutes over the past five years. These include:

  • ACRL Immersion – Teacher Track (56% of IS librarians have completed this intensive program)
  • ACRL Immersion – Program Track (22% of IS librarians have attended this advanced program)
  • ACRL Immersion Teaching with Technology Program (1 librarian currently enrolled)
  • ACRL/LLMA Virtual Institute
  • ACRL Annual Conference
  • ACUI/ACRL Women’s Leadership Institute
  • ALA Annual Conference
  • ARL Assessment Conference
  • Association of Library Communications and Outreach Professionals
  • Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group Conference (held at UWG for 3 years)
  • Catholic Studies Association
  • Computers in Libraries
  • Conference on First Year Experience
  • Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy
  • E-Info Global Symposium
  • Eastern Educational Research Association
  • Educause Learning Initiatives Annual Meeting
  • Ethnographic Research in Libraries
  • Florida Library Association Annual Conference
  • Future of the Book Conference
  • Georgia Conference of Medial Organizations Annual Meeting
  • Georgia Conference on Information Literacy
  • Georgia Science Teachers Association Convention
  • GLA Midwinter Meeting
  • GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Meeting
  • Information Fluency Conference
  • Institute for Information Literacy Assessment Track
  • Leadership Institute for American Libraries
  • Librarians Information Literacy Annual Conference
  • Libraries in a Transliterate World – North Georgia Library Association Meeting
  • LIII Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials
  • LIV Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials
  • Library Orientation Exchange (LOEX)
  • Library Orientation Exchange of the West (LOEX of the West)
  • SOLINET Georgia Users Group Meeting
  • Student Success in Writing Conference
  • University System of Georgia Adult Learning Consortium
  • University System “Class from Hell” Workshop
  • University System of Georgia Problem Based Learning Workshop
  • University System of Georgia Teaching and Learning Conference
  • University System of Georgia Annual Computing Conference
  • XV Coloquio Internacional de Bibliotecarios
  • XXX Charleston Conference