Library Renovation Home at The University of West Georgia

Renovation Timeline

When will the library reopen?

The main floor reopened May 31st. The 2nd floor remains open and the 3rd floor remains closed to the public for a few more weeks. There is still some work that will be completed over the summer. This includes the Murphy Office and Exhibit space and some work on the 2nd and 3rd floors which has not yet been funded (see the Floor Plans for details). We hope to have those other 2nd and 3rd floor projects funded and completed over the summer. Additionally, the exterior landscaping will continue into the summer.

Starbucks and the entrance facing Love Valley have already opened as well.

What has happened already?

Phase One: the renovation of the ground floor and the main stairwell

March 1-Spring Break 2010: Workers built the temporary construction walls (along the blue tape currently on the Ingram Library carpet). Construction work was done on the other side of these walls so we could continue to use the building while work happened.

Spring Break: First major demolition for the installation of two new elevator shafts in the main stairwell.

Spring Break - Summer 2010: Ground floor outfitted for Special Collection and to serve as temporary locations for service points during Phase Two.

Fall 2010: completion of Phase One

September 2010: Materials and service points are relocated from the main floor

October 2010: Main floor closed to the public; main entrance relocated to the ground floor

October 2010: New elevators opened for public use

December 2010: Carpet removal and abatement on the 2nd floor

January 2011-February 2011: Fire sprinkling piping installed on 2nd floor; new carpet and paint on the 2nd floor; shelves on the 2nd floor rearranged to be ADA compliant

March 2011: Reference area temporarily moved to the 2nd floor; 3rd floor closed to the public for fire sprinkling piping and carpet installation as well as to rearrange the shelves to make them ADA compliant

Phase Two: the renovation of the main floor

October 2010 - Spring 2011: Some materials (e.g. periodicals) will be in a non-public space and we will retrieve desired items for you. See What's Where for more details.

May 2011: Starbucks Cafe outfitted with additional building entrance added to that side of the building

March-May 2011: Administrative offices built on 2nd floor; Instructional services offices built on 3rd floor

June 2011: Main floor reopened


What's coming up and when?

Summer 2011: Exterior landscaping including the Townsend Garden; furnishings delivered and installed; 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms redesigned to meet with ADA compliance.