Library Renovation Home at The University of West Georgia

The Renovated Space

What does (and will) the new space look like? What will it offer you?


On the ground floor:

  • Center for Civic Engagement
    • Annie Belle Weaver Special Collections
    • Center for Public History
    • Thomas B. Murphy Center for Public Service
    • Georgia's Political Heritage Program
  • Re-creation of Speaker Murphy's Capitol office 
  • Compact storage for journals


On the main floor:

  • More computers for student-use
  • Flexible furniture the students can adjust to fit their study needs
  • Comfortable lounge furniture
  • More natural light
  • New carpet
  • A second entrance (closer to the Campus Center)
  • Wall-mounted flat screen monitors
  • Improved classroom
  • Easier-to-find reference desk
  • Coffee shop
  • Improved presentation space


See the Floor Plans for more details!