Library Renovation Home at The University of West Georgia

What's where?

3rd floor remains closed to the public for a few more weeks. When you want something from the 3rd floor, please ask at either desk on the main floor. A library employee will get what you need for you.


Laptop & Scanner Check-out: main floor

Public Computers: main floor

Value Transfer Station (to add Wolf Bucks to your card): main floor

Photocopiers: main floor

Restrooms: main and 2nd floors

Reference desk: main floor 

Special Collections: ground floor, by appointment only; call 678-839-6361

Nifty new drinking fountain with water bottle filler: main floor

Starbucks: main floor


Library Materials

Books: main, 2nd and 3rd floors (please ask for assistance at a service desk when you want materials from the 3rd floor)

DVDs: main floor

Reserve Materials: main floor

Reference books: most on 3rd floor; ask at a service desk  (these will be moved soon) 

Periodicals: students ask at the Main Desk; faculty use ILL account

Government Documents: most on the main floor; if you need help ask at the reference desk