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Please note the following guidelines, restrictions, and policies as they relate to CLEP testing.

1.  First, you must go to https://clepportal.collegeboard.org/myaccount. There you will actually register and pay for the CLEP test(s) you want to take. You will also identify the test center where you wish to take the exam(s).  Once you have created your registration ticket, be sure to print it out. You must bring it to the testing center when it’s time for your test.  

NOTE: As you complete your CLEP registration, be very sure to fill in the identifying information completely AND accurately. The name on your CLEP registration ticket MUST MATCH exactly the name on your TWO forms of identification.  If the names do not match, you will not be allowed to test.  

2. Once you have registered with CLEP “my account,” call the testing center (678-839-6435) to find out when CLEP testing is available. Choose the date and time that best fits your schedule; at that point, you have 4 business days to pay the $15 CLEP service fee (cash or check payable to UWG) to reserve your space. This service fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.        

NOTE: Although we would like to schedule examinees on the date and at the time of their choosing, there are many times when CLEP testing is not available because of other testing commitments (for example, during finals week, during orientation sessions, etc). Please accept the fact that we are not available to do CLEP testing on demand.  

3. Arrive at the testing center 15 minutes early in order to check in with your CLEP registration ticket and your TWO forms of identification. Should you arrive without your ticket and/or not have the required identification and/or have a ticket which doesn’t contain matching information with the ID’s, you will not be eligible to test.  

NOTE:  Your primary form of ID must be government-issued and contain a photo and a signature. Appropriate types are a current passport, current driver’s license, or current military ID. Your secondary form of ID must contain either a photo or a signature. Appropriate types are a primary form different from the one you presented or a current student ID.   

NOTE:  Credit/debit cards, social security cards, and employee ID’s are not acceptable forms of ID.  

NOTE:  Do NOT bring anything to the testing center other than your registration ticket and your two forms of ID. Everything else should be left in your car or some other secured location. The testing office is not responsible for your personal possessions.  

To see the list of courses for which West Georgia will allow CLEP credit, click here. As has always been the case, an examinee has the option to take any test offered through CLEP, but not all CLEP tests are accepted by the University of West Georgia.