Leadership and Applied Instruction

Physical Education (P-12)

Bachelor of Science
At a Glance

Students in our Physical Education program learn the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle up close and personal, and best of all they learn how to pass that knowledge on to others looking to get and maintain good health. By training in our state-of-the-art exercise science lab, multi-media classrooms, gymnasium, indoor pool and field internships, students are prepared for work with professional and collegiate sports agencies, sports arenas and convention centers, city recreational facilities and public school programs.

Why should I choose UWG's Physical Education (P-12) Program?
  • Students in the Health and Physical Education teacher certification program work with experienced, knowledgeable faculty members who model effective teaching and a physically active lifestyle. By participating in the field and clinical experiences embedded throughout the curriculum, students develop effective teaching behaviors. Our emphasis on content and skill development across a range of sports and activities ensures that students have the knowledge and skill to help their P-12 students learn and develop active and healthy lifestyles. Using our state-of-the-art Human Performance Lab, multi-media classrooms, computer lab, arena, and sport fields, students are prepared for professional success.
  • Specific strengths of the Health and Physical Education teacher certification program include the following:
    • Teaching by experienced, knowledgeable faculty members who model professionalism and effective teaching
    • New multi-media classrooms and labs, arenas, aerobics and conditioning rooms, and equipment
    • Applications of relevant technology throughout courses and field placements
    • Focus on best practices to lead P-12 students to choose and develop healthy, active lifestyles
    • Energetic faculty members who participate with students to build skills and who provide leadership and mentoring
    • Networking within the local, regional, and national professional communities for cutting edge standards and practices
    • Certification programs are NCATE accredited and based on NASPE standards
Are there any special opportunities available?
  • A variety of opportunities enable teacher education students to develop effective teaching skills, networking and leadership.
    • Early involvement with clinical and field experiences to help solidify career direction
    • Networking opportunities with local schools and non-formal education agencies to explore employment opportunities
    • Study Abroad program with Kagoshima University in Japan, funded by scholarships
    • Student research opportunities leading to presentations and awards
What can I do after graduation, graduate school and job-wise?
  • Graduates of the program are well prepared for a variety of employment opportunities.
    • Teaching in P-12 public and private school situations
    • Working with non-formal education agencies and organizations
    • Attending graduate school to further develop teaching skills or to explore related professions
What kind of student organizations, clubs or honorary societies can I join?
  • Physical Education Association (PEA), a nationally-affiliated student organization
  • Active intramural program provided through new Campus Center
  • Variety of recreation-oriented student organizations including judo club, lacrosse club, dance teams, and ultimate Frisbee organization
  • Full range of student organizations providing leadership, service, cultural, and religious opportunities
  • Full slate of honorary societies 
What kind of facilities and equipment will be made available to me?
  • Our campus boasts numerous new facilities used by teacher education majors.
    • New Coliseum houses the Department offices, main classrooms, computer lab, and instructional arena
    • State-of-the-art Human Performance Lab, first aid/CPR lab, weight training and aerobics rooms, and lecture hall with stadium seating located in Coliseum
    • Practice and instructional fields for softball, soccer, ultimate, and other outdoor sports and activities
    • Practice fields for golf and access to a local golf course
    • New Campus Center includes 205 pieces of strength and cardiovascular equipment, indoor track, climbing walls, aerobics rooms, basketball courts, and gaming areas
    • New Athletic Complex includes 9000-seat football stadium, 750-seat soccer stadium, varsity softball field, two football practice fields, an administrative field house, and a women's sports field house 
Does the faculty specialize in certain areas?
  • Our faculty members are active nationally and have established reputations in:
    • Physical education teacher education
    • Technology in physical education 
    • Physical activity with K-12 students
    • Exercise sciences
    • Health education