Courses and Syllabi

BUSA-2106 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
CISM-2201 Foundations of Computer Applications
CISM-2335 Business Programming and Web Design
CISM-3330 Management of Information Systems
CISM-3340 Data Resource Management and Design
CISM-3350 Information Systems Research
CISM-4310 Business Systems Analysis and Design
CISM-4330 Enterprise Architecture
CISM-4350 Enterprise and Decision Support Systems
CISM-4355 Electronic Commerce Development and Management
CISM-4390 Business Intelligence and Data Mining
CISM-6331 Strategic Management of Information Technology
MGNT-3600 Management
MGNT-3602 Business Law
MGNT-3605 Organizational Behavior
MGNT-3615 Production and Operations Management
MGNT-3618 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MGNT-3625 Contemporary Issues in Management
MGNT-3627 Managing Cultural Differences
MGNT-3630 Environmental Law
MGNT-3635 New Venture Management
MGNT-4616 Project Management
MGNT-4620 Human Resource Management
MGNT-4621 Applications in Human Resource Management
MGNT-4625 International Management
MGNT-4626 Women and Work
MGNT-4630 Dispute Resolution in Contemporary Organizations
MGNT-4640 Employment Law
MGNT-4660 Strategic Management
MGNT-4682 Special Problems in Management
MGNT-5626 Women and Work
MGNT-6670 Organizational Theory and Behavior
MGNT-6681 Strategic, Ethical, and Global Management
MGNT-6685 Special Problems in Business