HR Management Certificate

What can it do for you?
A "Certificate in Human Resource Management" can provide you with a solid foundation in HRM and potentially make you more attractive to employers.  Completion of the requirements will be noted on your transcript, and a certificate will be awarded by the Department of Management.

Who is eligible?
A "Certificate in Human Resource Management" can be completed by either a business or a non-business major. Business majors are eligible when they have attained "Major Status" within the Richards College of Business. Non-Business majors are eligible when they have completed 45 hours of classes with at least a 2.0 GPA.

What is required? 
1.  MGNT 4620 - HR Management
2.  MGNT 4621 - Applications in HRM
3.  MGNT 4640 - Employment Law

And one (1) of the following: 

•  MGNT 3627 - Managing  Cultural Differences
•  MGNT 3630 - Environmental Law
•  MGNT 4626 - Women & Work
•  MGNT 4630 - Dispute Resolution in Cont. Org.
•  MGNT 4680 - HR Practicum

What is the Cost?
There is no additional cost.  In fact, most students can simply use the "select" courses in their major sto complete the requirements.

How do I apply?
Students can formally apply to enroll in the certificate program by completing the online application.
For more certification information contact Ms. Liz Runyan, Dept. of Management at
(678) 839-4824 or

Click HERE for the HR MGT Flyer