Department Mission


The Department of Management provides for high quality student learning in a personal environment in the areas of management and management information systems, and for the development and maintenance of faculty who are professionally accomplished in their areas of expertise. The professional development activities of the faculty lead to excellence in student learning because they are the primary means by which instructors can develop, enhance and update the content of their courses. Professional development is also essential to enhance the status of the institution among AACSB member schools and potential employers.

Service to the institution and professional community helps to support and maintain the environment necessary for learning and professional development. Involvement in academic and professional organizations and University and Departmental committees supports the design of a superior academic program, placement of graduates, acquisition of new ideas for professional development and student learning, and the provision of external funding for departmental activities.

Through excellence in teaching, professional development and service activities, the department faculty members strive to achieve:

  1. the best possible undergraduate and graduate learning experiences to our students.
  2. an excellent reputation among employers.
  3. excellent relations between the Department and stakeholder groups.
  4. attraction and retention of quality students and faculty.

The Department administration will strive to provide adequate rewards and support for student learning, scholarship, service and professional development activities.

The efforts described above will lead to the following outcomes:

  • Our graduates will be placed in professional jobs with average starting salaries or in graduate programs.
  • AACSB accreditation standards will be maintained for all programs.