Melson Society Home at The University of West Georgia

Melson Society

Ingram Library’s Penelope Melson Society, founded in 2008, supports the library and assists in bringing culturally enriching programs to the university and regional community. Through nationally-acclaimed exhibits, literary events, lectures, performances and information access education, the Melson Society enhances university program opportunities and helps share the resources of an academic library with the surrounding community. These activities support the mission of the Society:

• To foster closer relations between the library and the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the university, and between the library and the surrounding community.
• To develop a greater realization of the importance of the library to the future development of the university and the community
• To encourage gifts to support the library
• To sponsor programs designed to the cultural life of the community

In 1908, Fourth District A&M School principal John Holland Melson and his wife, Penelope (Nep) Stevens Melson, hosted a shower to obtain “A Cloudburst of Books” for the newly formed institution. The 325 volumes donated by local citizens formed the school’s first library and Mrs. Melson volunteered as its first librarian. Over one hundred years later, the library has blossomed into a dynamic research facility. The Penelope Melson Society supports Ingram Library’s commitment to provide a place where the university and the community can come together and feel at home in a world of ideas.