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MGNT Graduate Courses

(All courses carry three hours credit.)

MGNT 5620 Seminar in Human Resource Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 3600 or equivalent

A study of the planning, acquisition, and administration of Human Resources
in organizations. Includes case studies and applications of problem-solving

MGNT 5625 International Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 3600 or equivalent

This course examines international operations of American firms, impact of
international competition in the domestic market, organization for international
production, marketing, financing, international markets, resources, institutions,
and managerial problems arising out of governmental relations.

MGNT 5626 Women and Work
A course designed to familiarize students with the history of women and
work, the present role of women in the workplace, the current issues affecting
working women, and to develop in students the skills and strategies for
dealing with issues related to women and work. Same as SOCI 5103.

MGNT 5630 Dispute Resolution in Contemporary Organizations
Analysis of the causes and consequences of conflicts in and among organizations
with strategies and processes for their effective resolution. The course
will cover the sources of organizational conflicts, strategies for conflict
avoidance, approaches to conflict resolution, and traditional and alternative
dispute resolution methods.

MGNT 5681 Compensation Management
Prerequisite: Consent of MBA Coordinator
This course will teach economic concepts and legislative requirements relating
to compensation concepts and practices. Students will learn the concepts and
procedures for developing and administering a compensation program.

MGNT 6604 Production/Operations Management
Fundamentals with Quantitative Applications
Prerequisite: MATH 1413 or equivalent
An examination of the qualitative and quantitative fundamentals of production
and operations management, which provides a foundation for application of
quantitative techniques.

MGNT 6611 Business and Society
A study of the relationship between business and society including the role of
social responsibility and responsiveness in determining corporate objectives,
analysis of business and societal issues in varying arenas, and development
of managerial skills in dealing with these issues.

MGNT 6670 Organizational Theory and Behavior
Prerequisite: MGNT 3600 or equivalent
A managerial examination of the behavioral and structural factors affecting
performance of organizations including study of fundamentals, individual
and group concerns, and organizational processes with emphasis on current

MGNT 6672 Theory and Philosophy of Management
Prerequisite: MGNT 3600 or equivalent
An examination of the practice of management—past, present, and future—
with emphasis on contemporary challenges.

MGNT 6681 Strategic, Ethical, and Global Management
Prerequisites: MKTG 6815, FINC 6532, all preparation courses and within 15
hours of graduation
A study of the total enterprise at the executive level through applying a set
of decisions and actions that result in the formulation and implementation of
strategies that achieve the mission and goals of the enterprise with special consideration
of the effects of globalization, ethics, and corporate accountability.

MGNT 6683 Research in Business
An overview of the research process—selecting and defining problems,
building research designs, developing sources of information, date-gathering
techniques, and writing various forms of reports.

MGNT 6685 Special Problems in Business
Prerequisite: Consent of department chair, the instructor, and completion of
MBA core
In-depth, supervised, individual study of one or more current business problems in a business organization.